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Model werden: Deine Hostess, Influencer & Model Bewerbung

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Become a model, influencer or a fair hostess

Topmodels are not that common, but we are searching for them everywhere. If we are not searching on the city beach of Hamburg, we find our supermodels as well in a café in Berlin, when going out in Munich or as a trade fair hostess in Dusseldorf. As a model agency we walk eyes wide open through the world but still cannot discover all of you, thus apply also for a model, best ager, grid girl or hostess job!

Our model agency, the models, will give you the chance to do the job of a model, influencer or fair hostess, no matter if you are well experienced or a beginner in the business. Also men and women belonging to the category of best ager or plus size models are always welcome in our agency! We give our models the opportunity to do product photography jobs or to act in commercials. Even as a fair hostess no job will be alike. Sometimes you will distribute leaflets, another time you will talk to customers or look after international fair visitors.

What awaits you…

  • free & non-binding application
  • support by creating your Sedcard
  • exciting & diverse model jobs
  • fascinating & varied fair hostess jobs
  • co-determination in the selection of your jobs

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When applying, note that our selection criteria for models are very high.

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Solltest du keine konkreten Erfahrungen haben, erzähle potentiellen Kunden etwas über dich, ein positiver Eindruck ist bei der Vermittlung essentiell.

Why is this field important?

We send your references and experiences to specific customers, so please take your time.


Ich habe bereits seit 2014 Erfahrungen als Hostess, unteranderem bei der IAA in Frankfurt. Ebenso habe ich seit 4 Jahren Laufsteg- und Schauspielerfahrungen. Ich bin eine sehr kommunikative und aufgeschlossene Person, welche sich offen neuen Herausforderungen stellt.


Do you have videos, e.g. on YouTube or Vimeo?

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All newly uploaded photos will be checked. You can find them in your sedcard after approval.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions


No. We have to adapt that to our customers and their requests. Not every model matches to that and it´s fair that we don’t engage models, we think that we´re going to have problems mediating. Of course it´s possible that we make a mistake, we´re just humans and can´t look into the future.

Everybody who is 18 and is interested to work as a model can apply. Authenticity and an appealing outward appearance are important for us. We have requests to different body types and haven´t specialised in one type of fashion, so we aren´t looking for a specific body type. We analyse and examine every application in order to decide in which application areas the model fits.

You need someone who supports and mediates you and above all someone who protects you from dubious customers. An agency should support you with all the questions you have. From building the sedcard to mediating to photographers and customers, an agency helps you with advice and assistance. Very important is, that customers don´t turn out to be dubious and exploit you. The task of the model agency is to examine and assess if the request of the customer is reliable. In the internet, you can find numerous model agencies, from big management agencies to small placement agencies. Just look at the websites and decide where you want to apply.

It´s a diversity of already taken pictures, which show your different facets. Thereby the potential customer can see how versatile you are. Moreover, it contains all the important data like height, hair colour and shoe size. To edit your personal sedcard log in at , go to “My account” and click on “Sedcard”. Further steps are going to be explained there. By the way that´s just what the customer sees when we recommend you.

As soon as you get a job it´s an advantage to register a small business. If you don´t want to do that, the job is going to be billed by the income tax card.


The easiest and fastest way is to apply at Fill in the gaps and upload 3 pictures of you. When we examined your application, you get a mail from us.

No! The application is completely free. Also afterwards, there are no costs for our models. Even when you are registered as a model or you get a job.

After the application, you get a mail from us. Normally that takes 5-10 days, because we get every day numerous applications and nee to examine them. In this mail, further steps are explained in detail.


Most likely, you can´t upload some pictures because the picture size. The picture should be below 5 MB. If you struggle contact

Polaroid pictures are non-edited portrait- and body shots, which show you without make up. Best, you take shots from the front and the side, so the customer gets an authentic view of the model and her dimensions. Important is, that you laugh on one picture (so that your teeth are visible) and that you wear skin-tight clothing (that way the shape is visible the best way).

To appear on our website, the quality of the pictures and the model itself is significant. Thereby we take into account who has an impressive demand. Most of the customers ask us anyway which models we can recommend, so it´s not necessary to appear on the website. Nevertheless you are considered when a customer sends a request.

Other possible causes:

- Your sedcard isn´t complete (not all 10 pictures are uploaded)
-there are polas of you missing
-there are selfies in your sedcard
-the picture are all similar to each other

Just log in at and change you data at “profile”.

If you want to delete your profile you have to log in at Then go to “delete profile”. If you click this button your pictures and profile data are irreversible deleted.

We as your model agency set your profile picture. You can´t change it by yourself. But you can write us to which picture you’d like to have.


As soon as you are registered and your online sedcard is complete, you get a mail when there´s an appropriate job request. Then you have the option to click “available” or “not available”. If you like the job and the customer decides for you, you get a booking confirmation by mail with all the important information, which you should also confirm.

Of course not. You are obligated to nothing and can decide by your own, which request you want to accept and which not.

If you are newcomer or have a small portfolio, we suggest you when there is an appropriate request from a photographer. The test shootings are usually on tfp-basis, which means that there are no costs for both sides and you as well as the photographer can use the pictures.

When we should bill by your income tax card, tell us before your job, so that we can send you all necessary information. When you have a trade license, just send us a bill by mail. Here is an example bill for you:

Example bill as PDF document