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Influencer – a topic everyone is talking about. Whether on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, influencers reign all over social media channels. As an Influencer Marketing Agency we mediate between companies and social media stars. Do you want to make your label popular among the right audience? As your Influencer Marketing Agency we’ll take care of it. On this page you can get to know what a testimonial is, how influencer marketing works and why some companies rather work with Micro influencer. 

We are the mediator between you as a company and the fitting Facebook, YouTube or Instagram influencer from Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and all over Germany.

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#Our influencers from Berlin, Munich, Hamburg & whole Germany

Not all Influencers are the same: In our data base we have female and male Influencers of different range, origin and age, who dedicate themselves to various topics on Instagram, YouTube and Co. and build up a unique portfolio in their own style.

Tattoo Model and Influencer from Berlin

Are you actually an influencer with 2,700 Followers? The answer is: Yes! Nano-Influencers (<5k) are always in demand when customers want a particularly high interaction rate and a close relationship of trust between influencer and community. In addition, Nano-Influencers are often unusual types that address target groups that the classic social media star is unlikely to reach. For example, the profile of Lisette – Tattoo Model and Influencer from Berlin –still quite "small" and anything but not boring!

Model and Influencer from Cologne

With more than 450,000 followers on Instagram, Rahel definitely is one of our big players in the social media scene from Cologne – she is a Macro Influencer (50k-500k). No wonder: With her years of experience as a model, the influencer knows exactly which poses, outfits and camera angles are necessary to create aesthetically pleasing photos in everyday life – for a feed we can hardly get enough of!

Comedian and Influencer from Hamburg

With about 30,000 Instagram followers, Khalid is considered as a classic Micro-Influencer (5k-50k). The Influencer from Hamburg has built up his high range in a rather unusual way – not only does he look damn good and has a flair for fashion – but is extremely entertaining, too. Under his stage name "Captain Khalid" he is regularly on the road in Germany as a comedian – and posts clips from his performances as well as other funny clips on his Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels.

Artist and Influencer from Munich

Sohi Mali is an artist from Munich – and with over a million followers on Instagram, the Influencer is one of the Social Superstars (>500k) in our database. The Munich native with Persian roots is a freelance artist, constantly on the road and preferably fills his feed with sophisticated content from the fields of fashion, lifestyle, fitness – and sometimes also with cute photographs of his little daughter Enna.

Curious? Discover now our influencers from Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and all over Germany!

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Influencer – Simply explained by your Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencers 2

With our Influencer Marketing Agency you are able to find the right YouTube, Facebook or Instagram Influencer in Germany. But what distinguishes an influencer? Influencer are people with an influence on social Media, and they know exactly how to use it. If they work via Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, influencers dedicate their channels to their personal passion and topics connected to it. This can include pretty much everything: fashion, beauty, sports or technology. They are absolute professionals within their field of interest and act as role models for their followers. Their recommendations and advice are taken by heart by their fans and often this decides over their buying behavior. At this point we, as an Influencer Agency, come into play! We help you get in touch with our influencers, so you can use their impact on social media efficiently for your company.

Influencer marketing: winning new customers through personal recommendations

The task: create publicity that's loved by customers

Why do you need Influencer Marketing? Start-up companies, but also well-known brands, often have trouble reaching their target audience. New ways have to be used to get through to the customers – always and everywhere. Advertisement becomes more complicated and customers cannot be lured in by old school advertising methods. The rising demand of customers is leading to new challenges for marketing professionals.


#Find the perfect Influencer now!

If you want to find suitable influencers, you should consider some aspects: Does the social media star represent your target group? Does the presentation on his Facebook, YouTube or other channel fits your company? Are his/her follower true supporter or are they bought ones? How is the interaction with the fans? Are there any scandals known about the influencer? – As influencer agency we know all about the subtleties and fine details that have to be taken into consideration while pairing company and influencer, and we want you to profit from this knowledge! Book now the matching testimonial with our Influencer Marketing Agency!

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#Micro influencer: more is not always more!

To cooperate with a social media star with a million-community can easily cost you a lot of money. However, there is a great considerable alternative: Micro influencers! What are "micro influencers", though? They are testimonials, who have a rather low count of followers to show off. This alone does not mean anything, because a lot doesn’t always help a lot. Studies show that micro influencers are often more engaged and create more interaction with their followers in comparison with well-known testimonials. Especially when it comes to influencer marketing, it does not matter that your products are seen by many, but that a reaction is provoked within their followers. Micro influencers provoke such reactions and this is why they should not be underestimated.


#Become an influencer - get started as a social media influencer

You are looking for a side job and have got a community that supports you? You are familiar with social media? Would you like to test innovative products and show them to your followers? Then you are ready to become an influencer! We will give you the chance to turn your hobby into a job and bring you in touch with companies that share a passion with you. Whether as a micro influencer or a big social media star – find influencer jobs with our Social Marketing Agency now and introduce extraordinary products and companies to your community. Apply now!


Influencer FAQ - Frequently asked Questions to our Influencer Agentur

We speak of influencers when we are talking about people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. They have a certain reach in one or more digital channels, such as Instagram, YouTube or TikTok. It is important for a good influencer to not only have a high number of followers, but to have a community with which they interact and by which they are recognized. Regular and, above all, good postings are at the top of the list for successful influencer marketing.

The requirement for becoming an influencer is a passion for a particular subject – e.g. fashion, makeup, travel or sports – as well as expertise and creativity. Many people suppose that you have to have a large reach to become an influencer – that's not true. You can also become/be an influencer on a smaller scale, and this is especially true for niche topics that inherently appeal to a smaller target audience. No matter what your social media channel is about, you have to be willing to put a lot of time and work into your career as an influencer, because an influencer status is not something you achieve "on the side".

It is quite simple: We establish the contact between the influencer and the customer. We attach great importance to only establish contacts that have a thematic relevance. For our agency’s influencers, this means that they have less to worry about with their marketing and thus have more time for maintaining and building up their social media accounts. During ongoing campaigns, we also ensure the legal safety of our influencers and act as an interface between the social media stars and the marketing clients.

There is one word that describes Micro Influencer quite perfectly: Authenticity! A micro influencer is someone who has a rather low number of followers, but a very high engagement and interaction rate. They are influencers who focus on a specific group of people with whom they share a passion/interest. Although it is common to estimate that micro influencers have between 1,000 and 25,000 followers, it is impossible to say how large the community must be to be considered a micro influencer. The necessary number of followers depends on the topic of the influencer and can therefore also vary greatly.

Those who have a subscriber count of 100k + and a high reach belong to the group of Macro Influencers. The aim here is to reach as many people as possible. In addition, (most) Macro Influencers have a high frequency of postings, which makes their followers always feel up-to-date. By the way: Besides Micro and Macro, there are also Nano Influencers. Nano Influencers are characterized by a smaller number of followers (under 5,000 followers) and often deal with niche topics.

In very different ways! There are many ways to earn money as an influencer. They often introduce cooperation partners and include discount codes in their stories or posts. These codes inspire the community – if they are well done – to buy. One way to earn money through this is a percentage of the purchase value or a set rate per purchase (where the discount code is used). But influencers can also earn money without discount code promotions. Advertorials (ads) and advertising campaigns on Instagram, YouTube and Co. offer different opportunities for collaborations. Some advertising partners remunerate individual posts on specific products/services, others let influencers test your product and create a testimonial about it. Money is not the only thing influencers can benefit from. It also happens that influencers receive product giveaways. These free PR samples are usually not part of an official cooperation, but are sent in the hope that the influencer will test the product and present and/or review it on his channel of his own accord. Within compensated collaborations, product samples and test devices are often part of the contractual compensation.

How much you can earn as an influencer depends on many different factors. One important factor is, of course, the reach, but the interaction rate/engagement of the influencer also affect earnings. Since there are no set billing tables, each job must be renegotiated – this is where an influencer agency can help: taking care of the contractual details and only giving you the proposals that are relevant to you. The influencer job is for many just side businesses, but it definitely has the potential to be the main source of income. If you post good content and engage with your community, there's nothing standing in the way of your career as an influencer!

Whether you have to register a business as an influencer or not, depends on whether you generate income as an influencer or have the goal of making a profit. Although journalistic/artistic activities are freelance, only the profit motive counts here. Advertising and advertising-like activities (product placements, storytelling, etc.).

So: Influencers with profit intentions are taxable and must be registered accordingly.

To be accepted into our Influencer Agency, you must be at least 18 years old, the same applies for acceptance as a model or hostess. However, this rule does not apply to all influencer agencies, because it is generally allowed to represent and support influencers under the age of 18.

No, not everyone will be accepted into our influencer agency. We base our staff selection on our client base and the requests we receive, among other things. We also check applicants' accounts for validity. Since every job requires a different type, we try to make our database of influencers as diverse as possible.

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