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# Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer – a topic everyone is talking about. Weather on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, influcencers reign over all social media channels. In our agency we are working with many talents in the field of influencer marketing as well. Exactly for this reason, we are here for you as an influencer agency, too, and connect you with a suitable influencer from Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin and the whole of Germany.

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What does “influencer” mean?

Influencer are people with an influence on social Media, and they know exactly how to use it. If they work via Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, influencers dedicate their channels to their personal passion and topics connected to it. This can include pretty much everything, fashion, beauty, sports or technology. They are absolute professionals within their field of interest and have a role model image for their followers. Their recommendations and advice are taken to heart by their fans and often this decides over their buying behaviour. This is where we, as an influencer agency, come into play! We help you get in touch with our influencers, so you can use their impact on social media efficiently for your company.


#Influencer agency – we will find the fitting testimonial for you

For deciding for the right testimonial, there are a few things to pay attention to. As influencer agency we know all about the subtleties and fine details that have to be taken into consideration while pairing company and influencer and let you profit of this knowledge!

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#Micro influencer: more is not always more!

Micro influencers are testimonials, who have a rather low count of followers to show off. This alone does not mean anything, though, because a lot doesn’t always help a lot. Studies show that micro influencers are often more engaged and create more interaction with their followers than well-known testimonials.
Especially when it comes to influencer marketing, it does not matter that your products are seen by many, but that they provoke a reaction within their followers. Micro influencers provoke reactions and this is why they should not be underestimated.


#Become an influencer - get started as a social media influencer

You are looking for a side job and have a community that supports you? You are familiar with social media? You would like to test innovative products and show them to your followers? Then you are ready to become an influencer! We will give you the chance to turn your hobby into a job and bring you in touch with companies that share a passion with you. Get started as an influencer on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and introduce extraordinary products and companies to your community. Apply now!