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#Model agency for models from Dusseldorf

We are a strong partner by your side and mediate the ideal model or influencer from Dusseldorf for your project or campaign! In our unique and diverse model file, from which we present you a small part here, you will find a model for every occasion:

We want more!

Ordinariness is not enough for us. To our big family belong widely varying character types of catwalk and photo models: Regardless if you search a male, female, plus size, best ager or senior model, our model agency represents every look! Furthermore, we attend to many different orders: From trade shows to the organization of a whole fashion show.

Katja Schneider
Katja Schneider
Assistant Manager
+49 521 337 329 08

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Best ager models

The vast majority of the German population pertains to the age group 50plus. Therefore, it is not surprising that senior models are in greater demand than ever. With our exceptional best ager models at the age of 35plus, you can provide a high recognition at your walkway event or your promotional campaign.

Plus size models

Beauty has nothing to do with the weight and is independent from the clothing size. The fact, that many fashion companies consider curvy models as more realistic brand ambassadors, is demonstrated by the increasing demand. Our unique plus size models with sizes beginning by 38/40 (US 8/10, UK12/14) show, how a female, sensuous charisma with curves is functioning.

Become a model in Dusseldorf

Are you searching for a model job in Dusseldorf? Then this is the right place for you! As a model agency, we are constantly looking for new faces to increase the diversity of our model file and therefore we need you! Use your chance, apply easily online, and free via our application form.

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Not from Dusseldorf?

That doesn’t matter, because we search and mediate models, hostesses and grid girls in lots of other German cities like Berlin, Stuttgart or Hanover.

Model Agency for the shopping paradise Dusseldorf

The state capital of NRW is famous as a trading place for fashion and has Germany-wide the highest sales figures in this industry. Big retail companies like Peek & Cloppenburg or C&A have their headquarters in Dusseldorf. The Königsallee, in short Kö, is known worldwide. It is the leading luxurious shopping street in Europe and crosses the Schadowstraße, which is one of the most frequented shopping miles in Germany. The city on the Rhine owns a high purchase power but the best-selling products are the ones, which are presented in a nice way – this is where our model agency Dusseldorf comes in. From professional plus size to senior models, in our database you will find the right staff for your project!
Furthermore, Dusseldorf is an important fair location, also in the sector of fashion. The “Collection Premiere Dusseldorf” (CPD) was one of the biggest fashion fairs in the world, but with the rise of the “Berlin Fashion Week”, it lost a bit of its importance. Over the last years, the event reinvented itself and is relevant in many aspects now again. In contrast to Berlin, Dusseldorf put their Focus away from presenting fashion, to selling it to the buyers of fashion boutiques. Therefore, the CPD is more of an order fair. Thus, both cities complement each other very good with their specialization.
As a model agency for Dusseldorf we provide you fantastic fair hostesses, as well as plus size and older models from 40 years old. Fashion is bought and sold in Dusseldorf, so it is important to present it in an appealing way. Place such tasks in professional hands and convince yourself with our diverse and talented models.