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Sed card pictures (also see setcard)

Sed card pictures are meaningful, diverse and professional portrait and full-body images of a model. They are published as a paper catalog known as sed card and are supposed to convince potential bookers. In the 1960’s, the sed card was created by and named after agency owner Sebastian Sed as an easy standard profile for models.

In addition to the pictures, sed cards contain all important information regarding the model, including height and measurements.

Instructions for good sed card pictures

Every model needs a good sed card for presentation purposes. The sed card is your business card and shows you in various situations and styles. Good pictures massively increase your chances of being booked, because pictures are the most important criteria for most potential customers.

We have a few tips for you on how your sed card should look like.

Profile and portrait picture

A portrait is a picture that predominantly shows the face of a model. Oftentimes, the person portrayed smiles into the camera. Here are some examples of good portrait pictues:

Profilbild/ Portraitbild

American Portrait

An American Portrait is a picture that shows a model from head to thigh. Examples of good American Portraits:

Profilbild/ Portraitbild

Full-body image

Full-body images show a model from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. Ideally, you wear tight clothes, so that your physique is recognizable. Here are a few good examples for full-body images:

Profilbild/ Portraitbild

Other pictures

In addition to standard picture formats, a sed card should of course contain other pictures that show different poses and styles. There are no rules about how those pictures must look like. However, you should never include selfies since those appear very unprofessional. Here are some examples for other kinds of pictures:

Profilbild/ Portraitbild

Checklist for good pictures

✓ Portrait picture: A good and professional picture used as a profile picture

✓ Polaroids: These can even be shot at home in front of a light wall

✓ Copyright: You need a permission from the photographer to use pictures

✓ No selfies: Selfies appear very unprofessional and are typically of low quality

✓ Be up to date: You should always keep pictures up to date, especially when your appearance changes

✓ Only one person at a time: A sed card should not contain party pictures or alike, but only pictures that show just one person

✓ Don't be too revealing If you include too many revealing pictures, the sed card will appear inappropriate.