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Promotional models

Promotion refers to targeted measures of advertising and promotion. Promotional models are therefore models that, in direct interaction with the potential customer, should increase their interest and demand for the advertised product, service or brand. In addition, promotion models operate branding for the respective company through their work, in order to increase its publicity in general.

The task of a promotional model is to use her own good looks, her communication skills and her self-confidence to increase the attractiveness of the advertising object. Although the interaction between the customer and the promotional model may be brief, the model provides a positive live experience that the customer ultimately attributes to the product, service, or brand.

The promotional model gives the brand a face and a voice, thus increasing positive recognition, awareness and sales. Promotion Models are also used for new customer acquisition or customer loyalty and are important sales support.

Frequently, promotional models are also referred to as promoters or promotion hostesses. The difference is not in the task areas, but only in the type of booking. If certain optical requirements are met, this is the placement of a promotional model. However, if only skills are required, our staff will be mediated as a promoter or promotion hostess.