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Make-up Artists

A make-up artist is a person who professionally styles and puts make-up on the face of a model.

The different forms of make-up used include skincare-, catwalk- and photo-make-up as well as special effects. Along with the stylists they create and compliment the desired appearance of a model – from covering imperfections and unevenness to creating an entirely new type of look for a model.

But it is not enough to work with expensive high-end product – professional make-up artists are known for their ingenuity and creativity. In Germany, make-up artist is no officially recognized profession. Anyway, today there are many private cosmetic schools that teach all the different forms of both type analysis, type consulting and the artful craft of applying make-up.

In addition to biological and medical aspects like the analysis of the human anatomy and dermatology, the training includes subjects like art history, material science and business education. With their colorful craft, professional make-up artists constantly set new trends. Make-up artists play an important role in photography, the film- and TV-industry, for musicals, theaters and opera, and conventions and events of all kind. Employed or self-employed, they are hired by designers, cosmetic corporations or the fashion industry.