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Fair Hostess Agency for Monchengladbach

With our enchanting hosts from Monchengladbach, we guarantee the wow- effect for your events and projects! Benefit from our great database of about 4,000 grid girls, hosts and models, where you will find the right staff for your campaign. Here is a little foretaste from our database for Monchengladbach:

The best support for your project

Because our hosts have to master all kinds of challenging tasks, good looks are not enough for us when choosing our team! That is why we require our hosts, models and grid girls to be skilled in foreign languages, self-confident, a team player, and have an elegant and extroverted demeanor. Here is a little sample from our big database for Monchengladbach. Thanks to our long experience, we know exactly that every order has its own challenges. For this reason, we have put together a vast choice of hosts who master every task charmingly and professionally.

Mel Stüven
Melanie Stüven
Head of Booking
+49 521 337 329 10

Booking request

Because of our strict criteria, we only provide the best staff and have already represented customers on many fairs and events. We are able to support you on fairs and conventions like the…

• Cavallo Academy
• KreuzfahrtMesse
• Tattoo Ink Explosion

..and on many other events in Monchengladbach and surroundings. Are you looking for fair hosts for your next event? Just contact us and we will send you a non-binding offer, so you can convince yourself of the competences of our fair hosts from Monchengladbach. You will not be disappointed!

Hosts in Monchengladbach wanted

It does not matter if you are a newcomer or already a professional. At our agency, everyone who is a flexible and motivated team player gets a chance. When you additionally count sociability and communication skills to your strengths, just fill out our online application form – we are looking forward to meeting you!

Apply now

Not only in Monchengladbach, but throughout Germany

To expand our database even further, we are always searching for new hosts with different characters – not only in Monchengladbach, but also throughout Germany, for example in cities like Mannheim, Mainz and Kiel.