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The models - How a small agency has become an international player

10 Aug, 2018

Since the beginning of 2018, the number of clients who hire models from our agency for jobs outside of Germany has increased massively. But what makes our models so popular worldwide?

The beginning of ‘The models’

Starting out as a small agency from Bielefeld, we have put all of our heart, soul, and creativity into building a new and unconventional modelling agency. In the very beginning, we took care of merely a few local clients. Soon after, we had received booking orders from all over Germany, neighboring countries and even other continents. Today, the majority of our customer’s requests comes from outside of Germany.

Going international

As our client base has changed rapidly, we had to adapt to higher customer expectations with a new, international approach. Therefore, we now pick our models even more carefully than before and highly value language skills of our models. These days, our database contains almost 4,000 models. The competition we face in the international modelling business is tough. As an agency that is active in many parts of the world, it takes unorthodox measures to achieve and sustain a good position in the industry. However, even the most creative strategies are not worth much without a strong and reliable foundation. Our essential pillars of success are:

  1. Qualified employees
    International business relations can sometimes be affected by cultural differences and misunderstandings. Thus, it is very important for us that our employees are no strangers to different customs and business practices of different countries. We train all of our administration employees directly in our agency. Accordingly, they know all the details that are important in mediating the right model for all clients, no matter where in the world. Currently, two new team members go through a challenging apprenticeship.
  2. The right partners
    Focusing on trust and reliability, we choose our partners carefully. For instance, we are closely working together with experts in online and social media marketing for the best interest of both parties.

Plus Size models, Grid Girls, Best Ager – as diverse as it gets

Compared to most other agencies, we offer more than just one or two different kinds of models – but rather, everything our customer wishes. In addition to classic models, our agency mediates Best Ager models at 35 years of age and up, Plus Size models, Grid Girls, Fair Hostesses and even Social Media Influencers. This vast diversity helps us meet all customer needs possible.

asian model 2

Asia on the rise

While most of our clients are still from Europe, we receive more and more offers from other continents. Our Asian models have become especially sought-after. As Asia’s economy has grown explosively over the past years, the purchasing power of individuals has increased significantly as well. As a result, Asian customers have become more interesting as a target group for companies from all over the world. Our clients who request Asian models and hostesses are primarily Asian companies, but they can also be international companies trying to conquer the Asian market. Automotive companies for example count on Asian faces to promote their products in advertising campaigns. To avoid problems with a language barrier, many customers search for models who can speak German or English (or other European languages), but also look Asian. This way, at fairs and exhibitions, our hosts and hostesses can effortlessly talk to international customers. Moreover, it is much easier for International clients to communicate with a model or host and clarify relevant details of a job. Our models are known for their inviting and self-confident charisma and their extraordinary team working talent.

Remember our name

Our company is constantly looking for new ways and challenges. In the future, we plan to extend working with customers worldwide and seek to expand our presence on other continents as well. Above all, satisfied customers are our biggest motivation!


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