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Benjamin W. #5398

Fair hostess

Benjamin W.

Language knowledge

German: native

English: fluently

Spanish: basic knowledge

Current activity

college student

Vocational and school education


Experience/ References

Since 2013 model, catwalk, hair jobs, fashion and beauty jobs. Livestyleblog on Instagram, jobs as a dealer in the online casino, service, TV production company, bartender, etc. Studies of psychology, 2.5 years lived and processed abroad. Advertising for Heineken in Moscow, Beeline and life in the Ukraine and various.

Height 199 cm
Size 52/54
Bust 105 cm
Waist 81 cm
Hips 88 cm
Shoes 46 EU
Hair dark blond

Eyes: blue Year of birth: 1980 Residence: Köln Tattoos: no Piercing: no

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